iLawRecruiting is a “non-traditional” legal recruiting firm that provides affordable, professional, and confidential attorney, paralegal and firm administrator search services for law firms across the country. A client once remarked “you guys are like the Uber of legal recruiters” and, although the recruiting industry and the taxi industries are very different, we still like the comparison. If there was ever an industry that needed “disruption” it’s legal recruiting and we’re building a reputation as a disruptive force in the industry.

How are we “non- traditional”?

Unlike the large national legal recruiting firms and the small, single-market-focused boutiques, we operate as a national, virtual organization comprised of affiliated law firm management experts. As law firm consultants, we advise our clients on the “business of law”: client development, systems, time management, HR/staffing and financial management. Years ago, as an extension of our law firm HR consulting (and, quite frankly, because there was such a demand for it), we began offering recruiting services to select clients. Because of the tremendous success we were able to achieve, we started offering recruiting as a standalone service to the broader legal market.

What does this mean to our recruiting clients?

Instead of working with a “recruiter” (who, in many cases is actually a salesperson looking to inundate you with resumes of unqualified candidates, hoping one will stick) or a former practicing attorney (who in many cases had no firm management or hiring role in his or her previous job), you will be working with an expert law firm consultant, experienced in law practice management, including law firm HR/staffing. As we are experts in the “business of law”, we know the strategies that work (and the strategies that fail) in the hiring process. We take a consultative approach with our recruiting clients – understanding that there’s much more that goes in to a successful hire than a candidate meeting the technical capabilities required of the position.

Two additional factors:

Low overhead and our ability to leverage technology: Unlike most “traditional” recruiters, we don’t have expensive offices with high overhead and large amounts of staff. We operate as a lean and efficient virtual organization and we leverage our own proprietary search technology to find hard to reach, passive candidates, many of whom don’t have a digital footprint. The end result to our clients is better candidates and lower fees. You may have previously worked with another recruiting firm but were disappointed in the results (or the high fees) . Give us a call or request a consultation today. Or, perhaps you’ve never worked with a legal recruiter before because you’re a smaller firm and don’t believe you have the budget. Give us a call today – we can work with you and we can also structure fee payment terms that recognize the cash flow challenges of a small firm.

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